MAMMOMAT Revelation

Veja a diferença. Faça a diferença.

No cuidado mamário, ver a diferença pode fazer a diferença na vida de uma mulher. Revele tudo o que importa com o MAMMOMAT Revelation. Obtenha a maior resolução em profundidade com a tomossíntese de mama HD 50° exclusiva. Potencialize a precisão do cuidado com as pacientes com a classificação direta de densidade mamária através do Insight BD, antes mesmo da paciente sair da sala. E com a Personalized Soft Compression, você pode abordar as questões relativas ao desconforto de sua paciente de uma maneira única.

  • Aprimore a triagem e os resultados diagnósticos - com alta precisão diagnóstica
  • Melhore a experiência da paciente - com a automação inteligente
  • Inove a entrega do cuidado - projetado para excelência hoje e amanhã
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Características e Benefícios

Make the difference in breast imaging

There are moments in a woman’s life that have the power to change its future course. In mammography, seeing the difference can make the difference to this future. Your patients put their trust in you – reveal all that matters with the new MAMMOMAT Revelation.

Prevent missing a lesion, overdiagnosing or making unnecessary recalls

Efficiently make confident decisions using our unique 50° wide-angle tomosynthesis combined with the latest technological trends.

Make the invisible visible
Make all anatomical details clearly visible with the highest depth resolution1 using our unique 50° wide-angle technology – in HD Breast Tomosynthesis2 and HD Breast Biopsy2.

Standardize image quality
Get high-quality breast images every time for each patient, with the intelligent algorithms for automated parameter settings as well as unique system-guided compression.

Get more than just another view
Gain more insight with the first synthetic visualization of tomosynthesis volumes in both 2D and 3D. Get the real 3D2 feeling with our unique Insight 3D: It speeds up your tomo reading and supports easier analysis of microcalcifications at a glance3.

Rely on exact density assessment
Visual classification of breast density can be challenging. With Insight Breast Density2 you can be sure: It offers 100% objective, volumetric classification for instant risk stratification right at the acquisition workstation.

Prevent missing a lesion, overdiagnosing or making unnecessary recalls

Offer a relaxing atmosphere: smart automation and the unique MoodLight2 help soothe anxiety and put patients at ease.

Personalize compression for optimal results
Reduce patient discomfort and achieve consistent breast image quality with Personalized Soft Compression2: The optimal compression is automatically adjusted for each woman.

Enhance patient comfort
Having soft edges and a breast-optimized shape, our SoftComp Paddles2 allow for easy positioning and offer high comfort.

Reduce unnecessary steps
Our one-click philosophy: select the patient and start the examination with one click. All parameters are set automatically and the procedure moves from step to step.


Speed up your biopsy workflow with integrated specimen scanner.

A safe investment: adapt MAMMOMAT Revelation any time to match your clinical needs – and offer patients personalized care.

Offer your patients certainty
Excellent imaging for diagnostic accuracy: our 50° wide-angle tomosynthesis has shown a 41.5% higher cancer detection rate for invasive cancer4 with 1-view tomo only5

Attract more women for screening
Ease pain by reducing compression force by up to 50%4 in tomo. And offer patients low-dose examinations with up to 30% less dose6 in 2D with PRIME.

Streamline your clinical workflow
With intuitive one-click targeting in HD Breast Biopsy2 and the integrated specimen scanner InSpect2 you speed up your biopsy workflow.

Stay at the forefront of clinical developments
Get additional diagnostic information fast with our Titanium Contrast Enhanced Mammography (TiCEM)2, a cost-effective alternative to MRI as an adjunct examination.