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Improving acoustic performance of UltrasoundCorey Johnson, Ultrasound Materials & Process Engineer


An early interest in chemistry led Corey Johnson to pursue a degree in materials science and engineering. During his studies at the University of Washington he assumed that he would pursue a career in clean energy, however a chance internship with Siemens Healthineers opened his eyes to working in the healthcare field.

After interning with Siemens Healthineers ultrasound while pursuing his Master’s degree, Corey was offered a position as a process and materials engineer in the transducer group. In this role, Corey is responsible for helping to determine the materials and processes used to fabricate the arrays in our transducers. Corey said, “the array is essentially ‘the heart’ of the transducer and is what enables ultrasound energy to convert into an image.” In addition to that role, he also performs failure analyses if any issues arise with one of the devices.

Corey shared, “I feel really fortunate with my role here. I am able to do a lot of fundamental research and use whatever tools are available to me to ‘do science’.”

Outside of work, Corey likes spending time with friends (in non-COVID times), snowboarding and hiking. During the pandemic he has also been able to enjoy his extra time at home by playing video games on his custom-built PC.