The Power of Digitalizing HealthcareExperts explore what will spark change in healthcare


How can healthcare providers harness the power of digitalization? We looked at leading healthcare organizations to explore their approaches toward digitalizing their institutions.

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Digital technology has disrupted the healthcare industry. Will smart data be able to support creating actionable insights?

Digital technology has disrupted many industries, including healthcare. Will smart data be able to support creating actionable insights that will help expand precision medicine, transform care delivery, and improve patient experience?

With aging populations, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, and ever-increasing healthcare spending (approximately 10 percent of gross domestic product in the European Union and 18 percent in the U.S.), healthcare organizations and providers around the world are under pressure to deliver more and better care within limited budgets.

We spoke with leading healthcare experts to discuss these challenges and explore what will spark change in healthcare. They agree that digital technologies must meet the needs of patients and providers alike, as well as:

  • Open up access to both patients and providers from more convenient settings, including the patient’s home
  • Enable remote monitoring of patients, for instance of their blood glucose levels or blood pressure
  • Give individuals knowledge and ownership of their own health and wellness
  • Increase accuracy, standardization, and efficiency
  • Permit seamless communication among providers and health systems
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to integrate and analyze large amounts of data to improve health care among individuals and populations as a whole, via more accurate diagnoses and better-targeted treatments