myExam Companion

myExam CompanionIntelligence that works with you

myExam Companion launches the era of intelligent imaging and introduces our new philosophy to operate modalities. Using the new possibilities of digitalization, it turns data into built-in expertise. This helps users efficiently achieve reproducible results - by unlocking the full potential of your medical imaging devices. myExam Companion guides operators through diagnostic procedures, so that they can interact easily and naturally with both patient and technology. No matter the user, patient or throughput, it helps generate consistent and comprehensive results.
myExam Companion

myExam Companion is currently available for our latest SPECT/CT Symbia Pro.specta, for our CT scanners NAEOTOM Alpha1, the SOMATOM X. platform1 and the SOMATOM go. platform1, for our MRI scanners from the MAGNETOM Free. platform1 and BioMatrix systems1,2, as well as for our radiography systems YSIO X.pree1 and the MULTIX Impact Family1.

myExam Companion workflow explained

Features & Benefits

myExam Companion artificial intelligence in medical diagnostic

myExam Companion turns data into built-in expertise and shares this with users so they can utilize the full potential of their medical imaging modality. This helps users by making scan procedures easier and less complex, so they can generate high quality results – no matter their experience level, patient, or procedure.

myExam Companion artificial intelligence in medical diagnostic Intuitive interface

myExam Companion uses clinical language and visuals that are easy to follow. This simplifies operation, even of unfamiliar medical imaging modalities. It helps users interact easily and naturally with the patient and system, so they can focus better – both on the patient and acquiring consistent results.

myExam Companion artificial intelligence in medical diagnostic Intelligent guidance

The proactive guidance of myExam Companion helps users of any skill level navigate medical imaging procedures with ease. To improve efficiency and consistency, it optimizes acquisition and reconstruction parameters for the individual patient and procedure. This helps generate the comprehensive information radiologists need.