RSNA in Chicago: Siemens Healthineers at Booth 1936, South Hall Experience Pioneering Spirit and Engineering Expertise at RSNA 2016


At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, USA, the healthcare business of Siemens AG is presenting itself for the first time under its new brand name, Siemens Healthineers. To enable healthcare providers around the world to meet their current challenges and to excel in their respective environment, Siemens Healthineers developed a new strategic direction. Together with its customers, Siemens Healthineers is setting new trends in healthcare through products and solutions designed to improve outcomes and to reduce costs – working under the motto “Engineering Success. Pioneering Healthcare. Together.”
What is special this year?

At RSNA 2016 Siemens Healthineers presents the new SOMATOM go. CT platform.

Meet Siemens Healthineers
Siemens Healthineers employees will be available at the booth to share their personal experiences of working at the company and to explain what drives them to continue seeking ways of enabling better outcomes for patients. They will describe to visitors how the company’s pioneering spirit and engineering expertise advances the healthcare industry.

Excellent return on investment for radiology customers with the SOMATOM go. CT platform
The SOMATOM® go.Now1 and SOMATOM go.Up1 CT scanners are equally suited to newly established radiology departments and to expanding successful institutions. Standardized workflows and multi-year service packages offer radiology providers high financial reliability and a foundation for successful growth. The single-room concept drastically reduces installation costs. Innovative control via a tablet increases patient comfort and eases system operation.


Siemens Healthineers introduces a new MRI scanner MAGNETOM® Sempra at RSNA 2016.

Particularly cost-efficient MRI scanner
The 1.5 tesla MRI scanner MAGNETOM® Sempra1 with innovative applications supports improved competitiveness and potentially boosts profitability for radiology providers. Up to 30% less energy consumption and higher uptime at lower running costs are possible thanks to an innovative embedded service concept. Standardized and automated examination workflows address the continuous trend toward industrialized healthcare. Entire MRI examinations can be carried out in just ten minutes – from preparing the patient to completing the examination.

Faster MRI scans with Compressed Sensing
Siemens Healthineers underlines its position as innovation leader in magnetic resonance imaging with new acceleration technology. Compressed Sensing allows MR imaging up to ten times faster without compromising image quality. The first application, Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine1, enables diagnostic cardiac imaging of patients with arrhythmias or those with respiratory problems. Healthcare providers benefit from better economic utilization of their systems and higher competitiveness by increasing their patient population.

At RSNA 2016 Siemens Healthineers shows a new robotic angiography system ARTIS pheno®.

Unique robotic angiography system
Engineered to be truly patient-oriented, the new ARTIS pheno®1 enables personalized, minimally invasive interventions for multimorbid patients to account for changing disease patterns. A unique set of features and versatile software applications make even challenging examinations easier. It was developed using a comprehensive approach to help maintain the highest standards in infection control.

… And many more valuable insights
X-ray: Discover directly at the booth how all patients can be x-rayed – economically and with high quality results, and how the new digital radiography system Multix Fusion Max1 is able to support performance in the rad room.

New imaging software: To enable you to master growing amounts of imaging data in clinical routine, we show you how our imaging software1 standardizes reading and supports you with intelligence throughout your workflow.

Vendor Workshops: At this year's RSNA, we are presenting hands-on workshops from X-ray systems, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging that will allow you to review cases on workstations. Work either with an expert tutor or on self-guided workstations at a time convenient to you, for example, try comprehensive hands-on reading in 3D breast ultrasound, breast tomosynthesis, and breast MRI. These interactive sessions with expert tutors can be booked online: