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Siemens Healthineers has helped diagnostic laboratories leverage the benefits of automation and IT since 1998, making workflow more efficient and flexible while improving turnaround times, reducing errors, and cutting costs. Explore the reasons behind Siemens Healthineers leading role in laboratory automation. We’ll help you transition to improved laboratory management.

Innovation and the Future of Lab Automation

ARUP Laboratories and Inpeco Group discuss emerging technologies to automate disciplines, specialties, and processes both inside and outside the lab. Learn how these innovations can help you improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

Our Process

Automating an entire diagnostic laboratory is complex, time-consuming, and disruptive and carries the risk that, once implemented, the project may result in suboptimal return on investment. But when a project is planned, engineered, installed, and supported with sufficient expertise, it doesn’t have to be daunting. Siemens Healthineers turns tough projects into smooth processes.

Nearly a generation ago, Siemens Healthineers brought core competencies in engineering, Lean manufacturing, and project management cultivated in large-scale energy and industrial projects to innovative diagnostic laboratories on the frontier of healthcare. We use a performance-proven process of delivering medical automation systems to improve laboratory management. Each phase of the process is carefully designed, and Siemens Healthineers is with you every step of the way.

Laboratory Automation - Process definition, and validation

Phase I: Process definition, and validation

  • Workflow analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Concept definition
  • Proof of concept using simulation tools and proof sources
  • Lean process analysis
  • Analyzing Your Operations – What can a Workflow Consultant Do for Your Lab?
Laboratory Automation - Installation & process

Phase II: Installation and process stabilization

  • Change management
  • Menu balance
  • Load balance
  • View video below: Time-lapse view of 3-day track installation
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Laboratory Automation - Post-implementation process optimization

Phase III: Post-implementation process optimization

  • Lean process analysis
  • Workflow review
  • Analytic monitoring
  • Initial health check

Read the complete article: Automation and Optimization: The Importance of the Health Check

Laboratory Automation - On-going support

Phase IV: Ongoing support from your business partner

  • Health checks and consulting for ongoing optimization
  • Education on trends, best practices, disease-state management
  • Systems service and IT support—online, on-site, and over the phone

Our Customers

Siemens Healthineers customers consistently get the results they expect—and more—from our total laboratory automation solutions. We’re the global leader* with the most track-based automation customers* because every project we are entrusted with is planned, designed, installed, and supported to satisfy the unique needs of an individual customer’s laboratory. Siemens Healthineers turns challenges into achievements.

Our Partner

Aptio® Automation solutions are customized and delivered by Siemens Healthineers and engineered and manufactured by Inpeco. Our collaboration combines expertise in workflow analysis, project management, and ongoing customer support with intelligent clinical diagnostic and automation technologies to help you achieve your business and healthcare goals. Leaders in our respective fields, working together enables us to bring enhanced automation features to market faster for labs of all sizes.


Siemens Healthineers designs track-based automation solutions that combine clinical disciplines, test methodologies, and instrument capacities. By collaborating with Inpeco, we can provide an expanding range of options in analyzer connectivity. Inpeco has already established 50+ interface connections for seven clinical specialties from multiple vendors to Aptio Automation. Please consult with your local Siemens Healthineers representative about non-Siemens analyzer interfaces that may be available in your region.

“Laboratories around the world have very different and sometimes complex needs. Through our strong partnership with Siemens Healthineers, we offer the power of custom development—to provide solutions that are innovative, tailor-made and reliable.”
Andrea Pedrazzini, President, Inpeco

Inpeco aggressively pursues innovation and possesses the flexibility to deliver highly customized solutions. Siemens Healthineers understands how to drive clinical workflow excellence and delivers expertise in the management of very large projects. Working together since 1998, we have enabled some of the biggest automated laboratories in the world to achieve their production targets, ensure high-quality results, and exceed their business goals.

Our Tips

To help you fully leverage the capabilities of Siemens automation solutions, we've packaged key lessons in easy-to-read communications called CentraBytes. Explore each topic at your own pace to improve laboratory management in centralized settings. Siemens turns a commitment to training into improvements in productivity.

Tips for better automated workflows in your laboratory

NEW! Analyzing Your Operations – What Can a Workflow Consultant Do for Your Lab?
Whether you’re moving to automation for the first time, upgrading existing systems and IT, consolidating multiple labs, or simply re-engineering your existing workflow to achieve your required level of performance, you need the right expertise.

A workflow consultant is a productivity expert who methodically analyzes a lab’s operations and recommends proven solutions to reach specific business and clinical objectives. Learn how a workflow consultant can help your lab to be more efficient and productive, when to engage their services, and how to choose the right one.