Remote Monitoring, Support, and Maintenance for Clinical LaboratoriesContinuous, real-time remote monitoring, support, and maintenance

Siemens Healthineers remote services* enable you to increase analyzer uptime through proactive remote support options and access to other innovative capabilities.

Smart Remote Services

Smart Remote Services* provide remote system monitoring to maximize your system uptime. By facilitating timely system updates and proactively assessing and addressing system maintenance needs, we help your lab sustain peak performance, 24/7. Through a secure connection, our Smart Remote Services:

  • Provide continuous real-time monitoring of software and hardware to proactively detect potential issues.
  • Enable remote delivery of software updates and upgrades to help maximize system performance.
  • Support prompt resolution of issues through timely access to live technical support.

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To meet the demands of today’s healthcare environment, Siemens Healthineers has redefined reliability and service with the Guardian Program® on Atellica® Solution. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with predictive, proactive remote services, the Guardian Program:

  • Monitors over 80 critical components to enable proactive repairs that support peak performance.
  • Predicts possible component failures in advance and initiates workflow friendly service scheduling to enable uninterrupted routine operations.
  • Automatically identifies and adjusts components that are not running in accordance with specifications.

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teamplay Fleet enables you to effectively manage and proactively plan the maintenance of your Siemens Healthineers equipment, 24/7.

  • Plan ahead: Maximize your equipment's productivity.
  • Monitor efficiently: View your equipment status and maintain control.
  • Manage effectively: Access data on demand to meet your needs.