Future-shaping trend: Theranostics

We see various advances in cancer care. One of these developments is the innovative personalized cancer care approach of theranostics. 

Theranostics is an innovative concept of personalized oncology that focuses on both the accurate selection of patients and providing them with targeted radioligand therapy to improve their prognosis.1

Patient Pathway

The theranostics pathway begins with diagnosis and selecting the right treatment for the right patient. This means performing diagnostic imaging (such as CT and MRI) to stage the patient's cancer. Once the patient is staged, imaging with the appropriate targeted radioligand agent determines if the patient can benefit from a therapeutic radioligand. Only then does the personalized cancer treatment begin.

Personalized cancer care demands precision at every step of the cancer patient pathway. This means using the right tools to get patients the right treatment at the right time. Our integrated value chain of precision oncology tools equips theranostics programs with state-of-the-art solutions throughout the theranostic cancer treatment.