PA Matrix Coil

Dedicated 16-element coil for high-resolution, bilateral peripheral MR angiography.

Características y Beneficios


  • 16-element design with 16 integrated preamplifiers, in 8 CP pairs, i.e. 4 levels with 2 CP elements each
  • Operates in an integrated fashion with the Body Matrix coils and Spine Matrix coil and for Whole-Body examinations also with the Head and Neck Matrix coil
  • Automatic table feed and active coil switch
  • Can be utilized head and feet first
  • Both legs are independently covered with coil elements, maximizing the coil filling factor and the signal-to-noise ratio
  • No coil tuning
  • Includes special non-ferromagnetic coil cart for safe, user-friendly storage
  • iPAT-compatible



  • High resolution angiography of both legs incl. pelvis with highest signal-to-noise ratio
  • Visualization of the iliac arteries and aorta
  • Bilateral examinations of long bones of the legs


Can be combined with

  • Head Matrix coil
  • Neck Matrix coil
  • Spine Matrix coil
  • Body Matrix coils (up to 3)
  • All flexible coils (e.g. CP Flex coil, small, CP Flex coil, large)


Matrix Coil Mode

  • 8-channel CP Mode


Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 970 mm × 300−600 mm × 270 mm (L×W×H)

General Requirements


  • MAGNETOM Espree
  • MAGNETOM Symphony, A Tim System
  • MAGNETOM Trio, A Tim System
  • MAGNETOM Verio

Minimum Software Version

Compatible with all versions on listed systems


Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.