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Designing a human-centered hospital for the future


Innovative and long-term partnership supports sustainable high-quality care provision

Our Facility Value Driver includes three core solutions: 
  • Facility Design – Create a human-centered environment that maximizes performance and promotes healing and environmental sustainability.
  • Facility Simulation – Evaluate layout and workflow solutions using high-quality digital models and visualization before costly real-world implementation.
  • Facility Equipment Planning – Plan that your medical technology will be compatible with layout, infrastructure, and workflows.

What your peers have achieved

Partner with Siemens Healthineers to optimize healthcare layouts and transform care delivery.

Together, we collaborate and share your vision for healthcare facility planning and design, centered around the needs of people – both your patients and your staff.

Value Partnerships - Oulu University Hospital, Oulu, Finland

Advancing in both radiology and radiation therapy for better healthcare in Finland

“We are building a new University Hospital in Oulu. Our vision is to be the smartest hospital in the world by 2030, where latest technology, modern facilities and up-to-date know-how will guarantee efficient and best-quality care delivery. This Value Partnership is one of the corner stones for achieving this vision.”

Jaakko Niinimäki, Service Center Manager, Oulu University Hospital, Oulu, Finland

Kantonsspital (Cantonal Hospital) Baden, Switzerland

Innovative and long-term partnership supports sustainable high-quality care provision

“We’ve worked with Siemens Healthineers before to optimize the layout and processes of our new imaging center. We had such a good experience then that now we’re also relying on a Value Partnership. It will enhance our ability to keep offering our patients best access to first-class care.”

Adrian Schmitter, CEO of Kantonsspital Baden (KSB), Baden, Switzerland

Alexander Monro Ziekenhuis (AMZ), Bilthoven, Netherlands

Improving patient outcomes by combining breast cancer and prostate care in one building

“With Siemens Healthineers as a partner, we will be able to continuously provide the most accurate diagnosis with the best medical specialists and innovative technology.”

Marjolein de Jong, Director of the Alexander Monro Ziekenhuis (AMZ), Bilthoven, Netherlands

Improving clinical workflows through process simulation using the power of a digital twin

Example of Workflow Simulation in action

Our Workflow Optimization offering helps you to achieve high-quality outcomes in a cost-effective manner. Simulating workflows, it allows you to predict the impact of operational changes in a protected and virtual 3D environment by forecasting processes and layouts of your institution.

SitePlanner & SiteViewer

Hospital staff testing SiteViewer with the VR set up


An interactive planning tool for visualizing changes in real time.

Discover the future of healthcare planning with SitePlanner, our advanced in-house solution utilizing real-time 3D and VR technologies. Immerse yourself in your future department before construction begins.

Facility Design SiteViewer Teaser


Exploring room examples in realistic 3D and performing interactive project reviews within your team on the go!
SiteViewer uses AR and 3D tech for realistic visualization of future healthcare environments. It facilitates planning with SitePlanner and showcases your tailored designs for interactive project reviews.

Our 3D and VR tools are as flexible as you, providing you with a realistic layout experience

Our Experts

Anja Streck, Head of Facility Design & Planning Services | Facility Design and Planning Services

Location: Erlangen, Germany

Key strengths: Business leadership, healthcare operations, workflow design, human centered design, creativity

Siemens Healthineers employee since: 2006

Personal interests: Spending time with her daughter, geocaching, street art 

Head of Facility Design & Planning Services

Anja Streck is the Head of Facility Design and Planning Services and leads a team of more than 65 medical technology planners, architects, 3D experts, workflow specialists, and CAD and software developers.

Anja began her career as a self-employed architect planning and designing departments in commercial and residential buildings. But over time, one sector became more and more interesting to Anja: healthcare.

Anja joined Siemens Healthineers in 2006 as an architect for medical equipment planning. After a few years in that role, she was promoted to Head of Radiology Design Solutions and X-Ray Planning. In early 2022, she was asked to assume leadership of the entire Facility Design and Planning Services department. Anja and her team successfully completed more than 8,000 projects in 2022. One assignment that she particularly enjoyed involved the design of a new hospital in Kantonsspital Baden, Switzerland.

Another highlight in Anja’s career was her participation at one of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meetings prior to the pandemic. The Facility Design and Planning team was onsite, demonstrating simulations, visualizations, and virtual reality tools and receiving customer feedback firsthand. Those present were fascinated to be able to experience and walk-through departments with VR (virtual reality) goggles before construction had even begun.  

Stefanie Vonhoff, Head of Partnership Projects Design Planning| Facility Design and Planning Services

Location: Erlangen, Germany

Key strengths: Planning of mission-critical hospital projects and all major departments

Siemens Healthineers employee since: 2008

Personal interests: Her four kids, her dog, hiking and jogging 

Head of Partnership Projects Design Planning

Stefanie Vonhoff studied architecture and worked as a self-employed architect for several years. When she joined the Facility Design and Planning Services team at Siemens Healthineers, she had to start from scratch to learn all the ins and outs of working with hospitals.

Today, Stefanie leads the Partnership Projects Group, where she and her colleagues work to create departmental layout solutions for complex units including Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Lab and Oncology. Stefanie and her colleagues are recognized as leaders in their field thanks to their expertise and unique approach to executing layout designs.

Stefanie joined Siemens Healthineers in 2008 as a key technology planner. Later she was responsible for women’s and men’s health. She developed a much deeper relationship with her work through a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Since her recovery, Stefanie has been active in several Siemens Healthineers internal groups; she also drives networking efforts within the organization. This includes her own department's "Exchange Thursday," a weekly event during which colleagues can share information about current projects and the latest developments.

One of Stefanie’s favorite projects was in the Netherlands and involved the planning and restructuring of a hospital’s radiology department. Early on, all involved realized that simply updating the existing facility would not provide the output the hospital needed. Stefanie and her colleagues supported the client’s bold solution and moved jointly forward with the revised plans: the addition of a new building for the Radiology, Emergency and OR departments. Although well established in her career, Stefanie remains committed to learning more.

Blerim Pruthi, Head of Planning Solutions for Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Surgery | Facility Design and Planning Services

Location: Erlangen, Germany

Key strengths: Layout design, workflow optimization

Siemens Healthineers employee since: 2008

Personal interests: cars, mountain biking, hiking, making music  

Head of Planning Solutions for Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Surgery

Growing up, Blerim Pruthi always had a passion for cars. In time, that passion led to an education in data engineering at the Siemens Technique Academy. One element of Blerim’s experience at the Academy particularly attracted his attention: the Facility Design and Planning department.

Blerim joined Siemens Healthineers in 2008 and has since worked in several key roles. Since 2015 he has been the head of Planning Solutions for Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, and Surgery. The team he leads is responsible for the layout and design of clinical spaces for these three specialties. Blerim and his talented colleagues provide optimal solutions for entire healthcare facilities, individual departments within facilities, or, occasionally, just one important room.

One of Blerim’s more recent projects centered on a new heart center that was planned by two hospitals that had merged. The project required the team to anticipate how cardiovascular care will look in 2028. Not an easy task, but Blerim’s team met the challenge. “We analyzed and optimized patient pathways and supported the design process for the new center accordingly, showcasing how digitalization can serve as a lever for improved efficiency and better care. An over-arching consideration was that the layout needed to be as flexible as possible, so that it could be changed as needed to accommodate future challenges and circumstances for years to come.”

For Blerim, this assignment perfectly characterized what it is about his work that he loves. Blerim is confident in the ability of Siemens Healthineers and teams like his to deliver on the responsibility to enable customers to realize their visions for healthcare.

Jörg Goldberg, Head of Infrastructure and CAD Support| Facility Design and Planning Services

Location: Erlangen, Germany

Key strengths: Digital tools, virtual reality

Siemens Healthineers employee since: 2006

Personal interests: table tennis, dog sports, family 

Head of Infrastructure and CAD Support

Jörg Goldberg started his working life as an IT specialist at a telecommunications company, but soon decided that he wanted to pursue a career in a more human centered industry. He started at Siemens Healthineers in 2006 after graduating from Siemens Technique Academy. After working as a Software Engineer for eleven years, he was appointed head of Tools and Visualization in 2017.

Jörg and his team are responsible for creating Computer Aided Designs (CADs). That means they build the foundation for all the tools used for facility and design planning at Siemens Healthineers, including 3D visualizations and virtual reality. For Jörg, his key responsibility is always providing his colleagues with the best and latest tools possible to support Siemens Healthineers customers and earn their trust.

Jörg notes that one of the most challenging and interesting parts of his job is the requirement to be creative, innovative and think outside the box.

A particularly memorable moment in Jörg’s Siemens Healthineers career occurred a few years ago in France when he was using virtual reality goggles to show a customer how their OR room could look outfitted with equipment from Siemens Healthineers.

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