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Value PartnershipsCreating more value for you.

The value of partnerships

Value Partnerships combine our strength in holistic medical technology management and digitalization into a long-term performance oriented engagement focusing on the creation of value. With our sustainable healthcare consulting and transformation services as well as our future-proof design planning, we are well positioned to co-create a solution with and for you, which will generate clinical, operational and/or financial benefits.

Value Partnerships help you optimize operations today, expand with new capabilities tomorrow, and advance the level of innovation in your network.

Your benefits

Value Partnerships - benefits - unlock monetary value

Unlock monetary value

Value Partnerships - beneftis - improve operations and processes

Improve operations and processes

Value Partnerships - benefits - predict impact of changess

Predict impact of changes

Value Partnerships - benefits - pace of innovation

Advance pace of innovation

Value Partnerships - benefits - reduce financial risk

Reduce financial risk

Value Partnerships - benefits - improve patient care environment

Improve patient care environment

Value Partnerships - benefits - access innovations

Access innovations from Siemens Healthineers and business partners

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Value Partnerships are enduring, performance-oriented relationships.
Our innovative business models help you increase enterprise-wide value in order to meet both your immediate and your future goals. Backed by our three engines, they help you optimize processes, expand your capabilities, and advance the level of innovation in your organization:


Enhance processes, streamline operations, and improve patient experience


Add new capabilities and scale up existing ones to transform care delivery while maintaining quality and profitability


Elevate the quality and precision of care delivery by advancing the level of innovation in your organization

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Insights & Outcomes

Let's unlock value - together

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