Enabling improved quality of care and higher operational efficiency at

Hamilton Health Science, Canada

Over the 15-year contract term, Siemens Healthineers will replace and service around 500 imaging and monitoring devices. The scope of this agreement includes computed tomography, advanced therapies, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, mammography, X-ray and molecular imaging devices as well as angiography solutions. Hamilton Health Sciences will thus benefit from innovations in diagnostic equipment and digital healthcare solutions.

This strategic partnership is meant to reduce the technological risk for Hamilton Health Sciences, reduce total operating costs, streamline operating processes and efficiency, facilitate digital connectivity and ensure that imaging devices continue to meet the industry’s stringent standards. Hospital employees will have access to training and further education resources to help further optimize patient care in the region.

Value Contribution

Financial benefits  

Pursuit of joint goals including reduction of total cost of ownership 

Management of 500 medical systems 

Mitigating technology risk by managing medical systems for diagnostic imaging, advanced therapies, and monitoring equipment 

Optimal use of existing systems  

Advantageous linking of all systems 



Sustainable reuse of existing systems 

Procuring, replacing, innovating, and maintaining the majority of the hospital’s medical technology 

Improve access to innovations 

Providing access to the latest innovations in diagnostic imaging and digital health solutions 

Continuous training of staff 

Maximizing staff efficiency and capabilities with education and training resources  

  • Provision of latest medical technology to transform care delivery for patients around Ontario
  • Management of 500 systems for diagnostic imaging, advanced therapies, and monitoring equipment, including the already existing medical technology
  • Continous training of staff to maximize efficiency and improve skills, including access to the online learning platform PEPconnect

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