Compressed Sensing SPACE


Compressed Sensing (CS) speeds up data acquisition with sparse data subsampling by a factor of up to 40.1 At the same time by applying CS reconstruction to the raw data excellent image quality can be achieved. The acceleration makes it possible to either cut acquisition time or increase spatial and/or temporal resolution.

Applied to the 3D sequence SPACE this can be used in neurological imaging, MSK imaging as well as abdominal imaging (MRCP).

Your benefits:

  • Perform high-resolution 3D MRCP scans with CS SPACE in one short, 15 seconds breath-hold1
  • Bring 1mm isotropic 3D scans into clinical routine brain exams by acquiring every contrast in only 3 minutes per scan1
  • Acquire 3D images with sub-millimeter resolution for all relevant contrast in musculo-skeletal imaging in less than 5 minutes per scan1

General Requirements


  • MAGNETOM Skyra 
  • MAGNETOM Amira 
  • MAGNETOM Sempra 
  • MAGNETOM Altea
  • MAGNETOM Lumina 
  • MAGNETOM Prisma 
  • MAGNETOM Vida 
  • MAGNETOM Sola Fit
  • MAGNETOM Vida Fit 
  • MAGNETOM Prismafit

Minimum Software Version

syngo MR XA11B: MAGNETOM Sola, Vida, Altea, Lumina;
syngo MR XA20: MAGNETOM Sola Fit, Vida Fit;
syngo MR XA12M: MAGNETOM Amira, Sempra
syngo MR XA20
syngo MR XA12M


Optional high-end computing recommended. Not available for MAGNETOM Sempra Tim
[96 x 8].