Technical expert educating an in-house engineer from a computer

Shared Services PlansPartner up for excellent equipment performance

Healthcare providers face a variety of challenges, such as managing costs and productizing in-house capacities while reducing onsite response times for service incidents. A lack of ability to control the equipment status in-house makes it difficult for them to stay confident during clinical procedures. Their in-house engineering departments seek to stay on top of these events, while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency. Furthermore, they seek to offer an attractive workplace to their engineers.

Shared Services Plans are service agreements where you partner with us in managing the technical service activities for your fleet. We educate your in-house engineers and support them with different onsite and remote support concepts – without compromising service quality.

We support you with our know-how and provide you with OEM service parts designed specifically for your systems. As a result, we match fast onsite response times with OEM service support.

Features & Benefits

With our Shared Services Plans, you are able to

  • Keep control of the equipment status: perform defined service activities yourself, while we remain your trusted partner to cover the full range of your service needs
  • Resolve technical issues and educate your workforce: with a flexible sharing model for service tasks, we train your staff in technical aspects so they can execute defined services
  • With the Shared Services Plans, we partner up to educate your staff in technical aspects so they can perform different levels of onsite service activities by themselves – supported by our experts and designed to jointly optimize uptime

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