Siemens Healthineers Symbia Evo SPEC nuclear medicine scanner

Symbia EvoIt's about time.

With Symbia Evo™, it’s all about time—more time to plan your schedule, personalize your SPECT studies, serve more patients, and improve staff efficiency. With a focus on increasing your productivity, Symbia Evo offers you the ability to save up to 50%1 more time and the potential to double patient throughput.

Cechy i korzyści

Symbia Evo Excel
  1. HD detectors
    Energy-independent performance via high-definition digital detectors.
  2. AUTOFORM collimators
    Proprietary collimator design for uniform septal walls and higher sensitivity.
  3. Autocontour
    Infrared body-contour system minimizes patient-to-detector distance for optimal image quality.
  4. Flash 3D iterative reconstruction
    Reduce dose. Maintain image quality.

  5. Open gantry
    101 cm x 78 cm (40.2 in x 30.7 in) opening for greater patient comfort, regardless of size

  6. Short tunnel
    More satisfying patient experience

  7. Unlimited detector versatility
    Detector tilt and versatile configurations adjust to virtually any study and patient type
  8. Intuitive hand controller
    Intuitive touch-screen interface.
  9. Patient positioning monitor
    Intuitive touch-screen interface.
  10. Innovative bed design

    High-weight capacity accommodates bariatric patients; rear-bed support eliminates pallet flex

  11. Integrated electrocardiogram

    Fast patient setup enhances workflow efficiency

  12. Automatic Quality Control (AQC) and Automatic Collimator Changer (ACC)
    Spend less time with your equipment and more time with your patients

  13. IQ•SPECT

    Cardio-centric orbit with SMARTZOOM cardiac collimator for ultra-fast, low-dose cardiac imaging

Male doctor viewing screens in front of nuclear medicine scanner

Equipped with leading high-definition detector technology, Symbia Evo offers the highest collimator sensitivity and the best NEMA-reconstructed resolution.1 Symbia Evo produces outstanding image quality to improve lesion detection and characterization, potentially reducing the need for additional studies.

Obese male patient on sitting on SPECT scanner bed

Delivering high-quality care means being able to scan every patient regardless of their size or condition.2 With Symbia Evo, you can improve the satisfaction of large or claustrophobic patients with a 30%3 larger bore and shorter tunnel length—for more comfortable and shorter scans. A high-weight capacity, low-height patient bed and exceptional detector flexibility further increase your scannable population by accommodating patients with limited mobility.

Female patient being scanned on SPECT scanner

With a focus on increasing your productivity, Symbia Evo offers you the ability to save up to 50%1 more time and the potential to double patient throughput. Optional features such as Automatic Quality Control (AQC) and Automatic Collimator Changer (ACC) automate your routine so you can spend more time on patient-oriented tasks. Cardiac throughput can also be significantly improved with IQ•SPECT’s four-minute acquisition.


Specyfikacje techniczne



System length

4.63 m (15.2 ft)

System width

2.15 m (7 ft)

Minimum scanner room size

3.61 m (11 ft 10 in) x 4.98 m (16 ft 4 in)

Tunnel opening

101.1 x 78.2 cm (39.8 x 30.8 in)

Tunnel length

34.1 cm (13.4 in)



Crystal thickness

3/8” or 5/8”

Detector dimension (FOV)

53.3x38.7 cm

Energy range

35-588 keV

System sensitivity (LEHR at 10 cm)

202 cpm/μCi

Maximum count rate

≥ 460 kcps

Acquisition modes

Static, dynamic, gated, SPECT, gated SPECT, dynamic SPECT, whole-body, whole-body SPECT