Drugs-of-abuse Cross-reactivity AppAccess to drugs-of-abuse cross-reactivity data just got a lot easier

Drugs-of-abuse Cross-reactivity App

Urine drug tests often cross-react with other structurally related drugs and structurally unrelated compounds, which may lead to false-positive results. Our new drugs-of-abuse cross-reactivity app is the electronic version of our booklet. It helps laboratories to quickly check drug interactions and assess the potential for cross-reactivity and false-positive results.

The information contained in this cross-reactivity app is applicable to any drugs-of-abuse urine assays that use the Syva® Emit® II and Emit II Plus Drugs of Abuse Reagents. The data was compiled from the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for each Emit Drugs of Abuse assay as well as from additional cross-reactivity testing performed internally.

This app is now available for iOS devices. In addition to the standard cross-reactivity information, you will also find chemical structures, definitions, and more.