Deliver outcomes that matter to patients

The patient’s voice is becoming increasingly important. More than three quarters of patients consider reputation when choosing a hospital. At the same time, growing out-of-pocket expenditure is fueling consumerism.

For patients, once they are diagnosed and have a clear care pathway, health outcomes are among the factors that matter most.1 “Outcomes” refers to both clinical and patient-reported health status.2 However, without engagement and communication, patient expectations will remain unclarified and therefore difficult to achieve.

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By how much do costs rise when an adverse event results in additional days in hospital?

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Read the paper: Reducing the fear and anxiety associated with breast cancer screening

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Insights series – issue 5:
Faster results, quicker care for those who need it, and less anxiety for all patients – the team at the Baylor Clinic, led by Emily Sedgwick, MD, set out to design an improved and more effective patient experience.

This paper examines how Emily Sedgwick achieved these impressive results and offers insights on how others working in comparable treatment pathways can apply similar techniques.

Patient experiences when facing different diseases


Patient outcomes
    Three levels to deliver outcomes that matter to patients in the patient journey cycle.