Process Management

You’ve streamlined your lab’s workflow, but you still need to reduce turnaround times and errors. And, you no longer have the budget for additional resources. What’s next?

Siemens Process Management represents a breakthrough in IT solutions for laboratories. Part new product category and part philosophical shift, Siemens Process Management promises to help clinical laboratories move beyond traditional strategies to achieve new results. Transform existing operations to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and free-up staff and resources. Process Management offers four pillars of productivity:


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Centralized visibility

Centralized visibility

providing real time 3D visibility of every instrument in the lab

Centralized control

Centralized control
using the power of visualization to provide status, alerts, priorities and other information needed so you can quickly take action

Exception management

Exception management
that saves time, pushing only the most important information to you for resolution

Process analytics

Process analytics
providing consolidated reports in one automated system so you can easily view data, turnaround time, productivity reports and manage activities


Watch Video: Eric Olson, Siemens VP, Introduces Process Management at AACC
Hear customers discuss their evolving IT needs and discover how Process Management is Transforming Labs

Customer Perspectives
“Our lab needs to deal with continued increases in test volumes with declining resources. We also have the pressure to deliver fast, reliable results. So the challenge is to work faster and smarter.”
Oliver Colhoun, Head of Laboratory, Klinikum

Frankfurt Höchst

“Our basic goal for the coming year is to optimize use of our IT tools so that we can grow volume without adding staff.”
Laura Casey, Lab Manager, Dorchester House

Multi-Service Center

“In today’s world, where medical technologists or clinical scientists are at a premium and are predicted to be even more rare in the future, we have to maximize our tools and our processes to achieve our goals.”
Sheryl Wilson, Senior Executive of Laboratory Services

Alegent Health