Protis System

With the Protis® System*, doctors can review multiple test results for patients in a single, consolidated report. Doctors can evaluate iron and anemia, nutrition, cardiac, kidney, and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) tests all at once, allowing them to diagnose and treat patients more effectively. The PROTIS System:

  • Delivers a comprehensive overview of results for each patient
  • Integrates test data from multiple instruments into one report
  • Supports a broad range of assessment modules: iron and anemia, nutrition, cardiac risk, kidney, and CSF
  • Provides doctors with an easy-to-review graphical readout
  • Simplifies organization of test data, saving time

Cechy i korzyści

Review multiple test results for each patient in a single, consolidated report


PROTIS Data Management Software:

  • Enables job list management between connected systems and PROTIS System, improving workflow
  • Saves time and minimizes data entry errors through online transfer of test results
  • Supports patient monitoring with data storage and data retrieval
  • Consolidates protein marker results and anthropometric data, allowing doctors to view relevant patient information at a glance


PROTIS Assessment Software:

  • Allows efficient screening for disorders and early detection and diagnosis of diseases through a broad range of results interpretation options
  • Offers continuous monitoring of therapeutic effectiveness
  • Supports effective patient management