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Artis one delivers proven state-of-the-art technology. In addition it offers next-generation tools for uncompromised imaging. Intelligent operation is enhanced by a configurable heads-up display, allowing you to interact with the system in a completely new, intuitive way. So you can keep your attention where you need it. And because the solution is so easy to understand and deploy, it will have a positive impact on your whole organization. Broaden your procedure mix and hit the sweet spot of your business.

Designed for Uncompromised Imaging

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Next-generation imaging tools
  • Embrace the 3rd dimension
  • Unparalleled average

Designed for Intuitive Interaction

  • Always knows where to go
  • Intelligent controls keep your attention focused
  • Large and crisp images with configuration layouts

Designed for Positive Impact

  • Small footprint, large returns
  • Easy to understand, easy to deplay
  • One for all your everybody changes

Cechy i korzyści

From unique flat-emitter technology to real-time stent enhancement, Artis one offers proven technology with next-generation imaging tools. The CARE+CLEAR package comes standard, the perfect choice for high image quality at the lowest possible dose.

Optimal system positions? At the press of a button – or automatically - Artis one smoothly adapts to your procedure-specific needs. Keep the patient’s head free for anesthesia and echography or have room to move during an emergency.

Artis one requires less space to provide large returns. Fast installation, easy deployment, and energy savings of up to 20%. Address a broader procedure mix – the smartest way to hit the sweet spot of your business.

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See what our customers think about our new Artis one system1.

Cechy i korzyści

State-of-the-art technology

Artis one features proven state-of-the-art technology – like the MEGALIX Cat Plus X-ray tube, the first angiography tube to offer unique flat emitter technology. The CARE+CLEAR technology comes as a standard. Benefit for example from the image quality of your preference with CLEARchoice.

Next-generation imaging tools

CLEARstent Live takes stent enhancement to real time. It lets you manipulate the catheter while obtaining a clear image of the currently positioned stent in relation to previously deployed stents or cardiac anatomy.

One single sweep acquires all necessary angulations required for coronary diagnostics in order to find the optimal projection for treating a lesion. HeartSweep provides up to 10 different trajectories with configurable movement speeds and can be operated with just one button.


Embrace the 3rd dimension

Experience parallel processing and a high-speed C-arm rotation of 60 degrees per second – with integrated 3D. Two high contrast acquisition modes, one using more images for the 3D reconstruction to optimize image quality, one using fewer images for less dose.

Benefit from patient coverage up to 2.10 m (6ft10"). Do peripheral run-offs without moving the patient. Image the whole body in one pass, with ceiling-like imaging workflows on a floor-mounted system.

Keep the patient’s head free for anesthesia or echography. And have an optimal and repeatable system position for every procedure. 


Just one button-press for fully motorized system movement.

Smoothly operate your system with one press of a button while focusing on your procedure. Experience the unique heads-up display combined with tactile system operation. Imagine an emergency procedure where the system moves instantly out of the way with just one button press.

Boost your live images by up to 90% in area when compared to 19’’screens. Image layouts can be freely configured for a specific procedure and follow your acquisition mode.

Small footprint, large returns

Benefit from a fast installation and reduce your operational costs by achieving energy savings of up to 20%. All this for rooms sized 25 m2 and up. 

45 sqm required space for a ceiling-mounted system
25 sqm required space for Artis one
Artis one provides many system positions that until now you could only access with a ceiling-mounted system. The space usually required for a ceiling-mounted system is approx. 45 sqm.

Easy to understand, easy to deploy

The controls are easy to understand, so rotating staff can easily get up to speed in controlling the system. Benefit from fast system deployment and start-up.

one for all your everyday challenges

Open up your room to a broader procedure mix and address the sweet spot of your business. Manage interventions from cardiac to peripheral with dedicated 2D and 3D tools.

Zastosowanie kliniczne

See what our customers think about our new Artis one system.

Broad procedure mix

Artis one a versatile system for electrophysiology

Artis one a versatile system for cardiology

Artis one a versatile system for interventional Cardiology

Consistently efficient

Artis one a great fit for smaller hospitals

CLEARstent Live

CLEARstent Live a true benefit in the Cathlab - Bulgaria

CLEARstent Live a true help in the cathlab - India


The advantages of HeartSweep - Bulgaria

HeartSweep an ideal solution for patients with renal failure - India

Intuitive User Interface

Artis one provides an intuitive user interface - Bulgaria

Unparalelled coverage

Artis one: covering the peripheries as never before - India