Why improving patient experience is the new mindset


“Patient experience is not about patient satisfaction. It is not about how happy people are, or how satisfied they were with an encounter. It is the story they take with them that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Experience is the lasting story that people take with them.”  Jason Wolf

  • Experience happens at the point of interaction, one human being to another.
  • Patient experience is grounded in the kind of organizations we build.
  • The organization we build that leads to those perceptions covers all touchpoints across continuative care and sometimes exists in those little spaces in between that we do not think about.
  • It is about the patients' and families' perceptions: we have to consistently work on those interactions, be they clinical or interpersonal, to ensure we are providing the best experience.

Jason A. Wolf

Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP is a passionate champion and recognized expert on patient experience excellence, organization culture, and high performance in healthcare. He is President and founder of The Beryl Institute and the Founding Editor of the Patient Experience Journal (PXJ).