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ACUSON Sequoia Reflection

Imaging larger patients can be challenging. Thanks to the ACUSON Sequoia’s unique BioAcoustic technology you can image deeper, even in larger patients.​

Built from the ground up with input from users around the world, the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system was created with users and patients in mind. The ACUSON Sequoia system powered by BioAcoustic technology can reduce the effects of ultrasound variability between users, patients and technology. By reducing the variability often experienced during ultrasound exams, the ACUSON Sequoia system can help to deliver effective clinical insights.​


Siemens Healthineers engaged with a third-party organization to field a usability study comparing the ACUSON Sequoia to similar systems. 

82% sonographers strongly preferred ACUSON Sequoia. 

Features & Benefits

    The ACUSON Sequoia system's powerful architecture eliminates the need for a conventional focal zone to create beautiful fully focused images. InFocus uses synthesized, retrospectively focused transmit beams throughout the field of view that focuses at all depths. More information is harvested from the usual transmit sequence, using massive overlapping multibeam groups rather than individual or close parallel beam lines as in conventional systems. 


    The ACUSON Sequoia speed of sound correction technology changes the speed of sound per the body type or pathology for improved focusing, spatial resolution and contrast resolution.​

    UltraArt is a novel approach to allow users to select their preferred image parameter by choosing from one of four imaging options displayed on the touch screen. UltraArt can work in both real time and post-processing to achieve the desired image without the need for changing multiple parameters.​

    Modality Compare

    Modality compare allows the user to easily compare images from other imaging modalities for simultaneous viewing alongside real-time ultrasound images. This provides fast and easy comparison of previously identified organs or pathologies.​

    Color Technologies​

    Sequoia Transducer 015 DAX

    The ACUSON Sequoia system’s InTune transducer technology was developed to produce the best acoustics for each clinical use case. With advanced materials, simulation, manufacturing and testing, the acoustic matching between transducer and patient were optimized; this, together with the electrical signal path between transducer and system, results in the highest signal fidelity throughout.​

    Additionally, several of the ACUSON Sequoia system’s transducers feature a unique sensor technology called gesture-detection. This allows users to tap anywhere on the transducer to quickly activate and start scanning.​

    Clinical Use

    Virtual Touch Elastography​

    The ACUSON Sequoia system was purpose-built with design elements to advance the state of elastography and deliver rapid, reliable, reproducible results. Dedicated hardware in the dual linear transmitter provides sustainable Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) imaging technology push energy over a deeper range. Robust tracking of stronger, more uniform shear wave measurements can now be achieved at deeper depths to help overcome patient dependent variability. ​

    Powerful Automation Tools​

    TEQ Doppler

    Auto TEQ Doppler​

    The ACUSON Sequoia can automatically adjust the pulsed wave Doppler trace automatically on freeze to provide a new workflow confidence for the user. Full post processing capabilities are also available to the user to offer additional workflow enhancements for the user.​

    Gesture detecting

    Gesture-Detecting Transducer Technology​

    Incorporating advanced accelerometer technology and proprietary software, gesture detecting technology recognizes users interactions with a transducer. This can support clinical workflows by reducing unwanted keyboard interactions allowing sonographers to increasingly focus on the patient.​

    Screen in Protocols

    Protocol Scan​

    Protocol scan is a workflow automation tool that can anticipate and execute your exam based on customizable programs to dramatically reduce keystrokes, enable shorter exam times and reduce variability from multiple users.​

    Technical Specifications

    ACUSON Sequoia

    Administrative Use

    Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers use the ACUSON Sequoia for image quality. Hear more about how they use the system and why they chose it.​

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