Siemens-Varian Strategic Partnership

Siemens-Varian Strategic PartnershipEnVision better cancer care

Two proven leaders in medical technology, Varian and Siemens have joined together in pursuit of shaping the future of cancer care. Combining Varian's Energy, its innovative delivery systems and treatment planning tools with Siemen's Vision, its imaging excellence, this "EnVision" partnership expands the possibilities in cancer treatment. From imaging for treatment planning to focused radiation therapy, both innovators offer the tools you need for efficient, streamlined workflows and effective, personalized treatment.

  • Streamlined clinical process
  • More options for early detection, accurate diagnosis, and powerful treatment
  • Combined commitment to a new age of cancer care

ARIA Connectivity

ARIA connectivity

As part of the EnVision partnership, Siemens and Varian have jointly developed ARIA® connectivity for Siemens linacs. The ARIA® oncology information system collates radiation, medical, and surgical oncology information to provide you with a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) covering the entire patient journey – from diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up. Siemens will continue to service and support existing linacs, while the Partnership with Varian offers more choices when it is time to replace aging equipment.

  • Complete and comprehensive OIS
  • Continued access to improved treatment options
  • Ongoing innovations from both partners for better cancer care

Imaging Excellence for RT

Combines the Energy provided by Varian’s technology solutions and the Vision enabled by imaging excellence from Siemens. Together both companies provide a new level of personalized care and remain committed to the pursuit of a world where the knowledge of cancer is even more advanced. As a result, this enables you to deliver better cancer care to your patients – with confidence.

  1. Improving diagnosis and characterization of tumors through quality imaging
  2. Adjusting treatment strategies based on imaging results
  3. Equipping clinicians with personalized planning and optimization tools
  4. Seeking out innovative technology to better track and treat cancer

As a leader in imaging, Siemens provides a broad range of innovative solutions for your Radiation Therapy needs from Computed Tomography, to Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Molecular Imaging.