SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro

Whether you strive for advanced treatment techniques or for patient care that is both standardized and personalized – there are significant developments in Radiation Therapy that call for utmost precision. This is why we designed our new dedicated CT scanner for RT: the SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro. Thanks to images that are optimized for both contouring and dose calculation and a workflow that helps reduce sources of error, it brings together standardization and personalization.

Now, there is no more compromise between the needs of Radiation Oncologists and Dosimetrists. No more compromise between efficiency, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes. Face present and future RT challenges with confidence. Blaze a new trail in RT.

Pioneer modern treatment preparation
Advanced treatment techniques such as SRS and SBRT require utmost precision. For imaging systems, a significant challenge in contributing to this precision lies in having to fulfill the needs of two different end users: Radiation Oncologists and Physicists. SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro is designed to optimally support both. Thanks to an improved visualization with Dual Energy¹, metal artifact reduction with iMAR¹, adaptable kV settings with DirectDensityTM¹, and an all-new detector, it generates personalized images for all RT patients. This is state-of-the-art treatment preparation for both confident contouring and dose calculation. Blaze new trails and aim for higher patient satisfaction and optimal precision along the entire RT chain.

Boost your workflow
Standardization and personalization are two important aspects of modern healthcare. The former because it improves efficiency, the latter because it improves outcomes and patient satisfaction. For many users, however, standardization and personalization seem mutually exclusive. Not with SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro: Designed for precision throughout the RT workflow, it reduces unnecessary workflow steps and potential sources of errors, and features technology that advances efficient quality care – without compromising on individualization.