Transforming care delivery to increase valueExperts explore what will spark change in healthcare


Increasing value in health care is a top priority for health systems, payers, and policy makers across the globe, as healthcare costs continue to escalate and consume an ever-greater proportion of national expenditures.

Today, healthcare and the way it is delivered are increasingly validated and regulated by performance metrics. Gone are the days of the equation where a higher price guarantees quality and vice versa. Consolidation, industrialization, and population health management strategies are increasingly being designed to meet the growing care demands. This development is leading to a paradigm shift in the structures and infrastructures of care.

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Increasing value in health care is a top priority for health systems

At Siemens Healthineers, we believe value will shape care delivery in the future. Care teams will work collaboratively. Care delivery will be organized around the patient medical condition and designed to reduce costs with no sacrifice to outcomes. What does it take to get there?

  • Improving access to care by lowering entry barriers and increasing geographic reach
  • Increasing workforce productivity through optimizing the skill set of your workforce while shifting routine work away
  • Reducing waste and unwarranted variations with automated and standardized workflows to optimize clinical pathways
  • Identifying and stratifying patients by disease severity to manage population health