ECR 2019 - European Congress of Radiology
European Congress of Radiology

ECR 2019
ECR 2019 - European Congress of Radiology

European Society of Radiology Congress 2019
Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Main booth, X5, #511, Level 0

Opening hours:
February 28 – March 2, 10 am to 5 pm
March 3, 10 am to 2 pm

Digitalizing Healthcare

Digital future of radiology

True digital transformation begins when we can pull together the enormous amount of information now available to healthcare systems which are often too fragmented to act upon decisively.
One of the main enablers of digitalization certainly is Artificial intelligence (AI), and we are in the forefront of the AI arena: 

  • Long-term experience in AI with over 500 patents in machine learning and over 100 in deep learning
  • Powerful supercomputing framework with 400 AI experiments/day in co-creation with our network of 4,400 clinical collaborations
  • Established clinical routines with over 40 released AI-powered applications such as:

Future of Therapy

Transforming minimally-invasive therapy

Image guided minimally invasive interventions are growing at a rate of 10.5% annually. These procedures can help reduce costs with faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays. As the number and complexity of such procedures increase, so does the importance of advanced, versatile angiography systems. They will become key to transforming care delivery and optimizing clinical operations.

Join Siemens Healthineers at ECR 2019 in Vienna to find out more about the future of therapy

Digital Experience Hall

Events & Education

Events & Education


News on digitalizing healthcare

We are looking forward to seeing you at ECR 2019 in Vienna!