teamplay digital health platform as a service (PaaS)

teamplay digital health platform-as-a-service (PaaS)Accelerate your time to market

For companies in the Medical Device and Life Science industry which are on a digital transformation journey, the teamplay digital health platform-as-a-Service helps to mitigate challenges associated with building, deploying and maintaining digital health applications. Connected to thousands of healthcare sites and regulated devices globally, teamplay digital health platform allows compliant processing of health data. With that companies can free up resources and accelerate their time to market.

  • Leverage our expertise
    Since 2015 we have been operating the teamplay digital health platform. Now we open it up to Medical Device and Life Science companies to help them build and deploy digital solutions faster and with less effort. Based on our experience with internal and external partners, we help to make digital transformation easy.
  • Navigate through regulatory challenges
    The emergence of new digital health solutions can lead to uncertainty regarding regulators’ requirements and technological complexity may pose additional business risks. Our teamplay digital health platform should be your first choice when trying to mitigate those challenges since it meets relevant security, privacy and regulatory requirements for the processing of sensitive health data.
  • Scale globally
    With teamplay’s digital health platform services, you can build and deploy your apps with a seamless cloud integration via APIs, an onboarding service, entitlement management and licensing. Benefit from proactive monitoring and a global customer support infrastructure that helps to keep your app running.



Built on the longstanding partnership with Siemens Healthineers, thousands of healthcare providers have chosen the teamplay digital health platform as their trusted interface to the cloud. The installed base exceeds 6,500 connected sites and more than 32,000 connected systems in 60+ countries.

teamplay facilitates the secured processing of health data through APIs. teamplay’s API Portal helps to package and manage APIs as products, and streamlines the process to onboard, engage, and empower your developers to consume the platform services. Once an app is live, we support with proactive monitoring as well as support infrastructure and services to swiftly react on technical problems.

If your customers think that the cloud is not secure, they should think differently. teamplay is built on Microsoft Azure, a global network of cloud services that is as secure as any other on-premises datacenter1.

Regulatory Compliance
teamplay comes with embedded privacy features such as GDPR and HIPAA compliance. Learn more about Cybersecurity at Siemens Healthineers

Time to market
Building and operating a digital platform solution is a huge investment in time and money. Free up scarce resources and accelerate development by focusing on your digital offerings, not on a custom infrastructure.

For MedTech

Build or Buy or Build and buy

Medical-device manufacturers are still in the process of defining the right business models and go-to-market strategies for new digital solutions. One of the key challenges is to decide whether a solution is developed internally or pursued through a partnership – or both.

We believe that partnering with us will provide agility to scale quickly.

Whether a company wants to expand areas of strength (such as tailored medical implants) or whether it seeks to fill capability gaps (for instance, digital apps): the way from paper to product can be a long and costly one.

The teamplay digital health platform provides a regulated environment for developing applications and to scale them through our datacenters around the globe in a continuous release and development process.

Regulatory requirements and digital development are not always aligned, and innovation sometimes outpace policy: the teamplay digital health platform is region specific and supports compliance with GDPR or HIPAA. This helps to mitigate fundamental risks and ensures the company adheres to the growing needs of regulators and industry best practices.

For Life Science

Digital Therapies

At this stage of the digital revolution in healthcare, innovative digital therapies may reap the greatest benefits in Life Science. Digital tools enable the development of patient relevant products based on PROs (patient reported outcomes) or traditional device data. Life Sciences have also begun to integrate digital and behavioral tools into clinical design.

The teamplay digital health platform services allow data access through one secured and compliant gateway enabling companies to fuel their innovation life cycle and shorten the time-to-market.