teamplay Cloud PlatformA dedicated healthcare cloud to advance digitalization

The  teamplay Cloud Platform has a global footprint

The amount of data generated by medical diagnostic imaging and connected devices is on the increase. Healthcare stakeholders therefore need effective ways of handling data. This trend prompted us to build a dedicated cloud environment for Healthcare: The teamplay Cloud Platform. From a single web address (URL), data can be aggregated and processed in a secured environment. Launched in 2015, teamplay is now one of the largest cloud-based platforms in healthcare with more than 4,000 connects in 60 countries.1

teamplay for healthcare providers

1- It's easy to get started
All you need to do is install the teamplay Receiver. It connects your organization to the teamplay cloud and serves as your central data gateway allowing the exchange of health data in a secured environment – either within or outside your network.

2 - Get valuable insights from your data
Once you are connected to teamplay, you have immediate access to a variety of digital applications through the Digital Marketplace. From here, you can explore a growing portfolio of applications, helping you to address clinical, operational, or financial challenges.

3 - Avoid the risks of a fragmented digital vendor portfolio
teamplay helps you to identify, select, purchase, and deploy digital offerings quickly and in a secured environment

  • Limit your exposure to security and regulatory compliance risks: All apps selected for the Digital Marketplace have gone through a check for compliance. They only use the teamplay receiver as the default communication hub.
  • Streamline your negotiation and contracting efforts: teamplay offers a flexible subscription pricing model along with a standardized contract framework.
  • Standardize the deployment: teamplay and its applications are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which means you do not need to build and maintain a server, install applications and configure them.
  • Rely on a centralized support structure: teamplay and its applications come with a single point of entry for first level support.

4 - Access computing power on demand
teamplay and its applications deliver the right amount of IT resources2 when they are needed helping you to scale analytical power at anytime.

5 - Protect patient information
The teamplay receiver allows you to set your individual privacy settings in a flexible way. This ensures that you are always in control about which sensitive data leave your organization. In addition, the teamplay Cloud Platform employs industry's best practices of security and GDPR and supports the healthcare provider to achieve HIPAA compliance. Find out more about how teamplay protects your data.

teamplay for business partners

1- Benefit from our healthcare domain specific expertise
Siemens Healthineers maintain relationships with a large variety healthcare provider organizations worldwide resulting in more than 4,000 teamplay connects.

2- Leverage the global presence of teamplay
Expand your geographical coverage without compromising on regulatory requirements. The teamplay Cloud Platform is available in more than 60 countries with full regulatory compliance.

3- teamplay's specific platform services help you to drive your business
When it comes to connecting your hardware or your digital applications, you can benefit from teamplay's secure health data connectivity and processing capabilities through a protected health information (PHI) certified cloud gateway which supports standards-based interoperability.

4 - Process sensitive data with confidence
The teamplay Cloud Platform employs industry best practices for security and privacy in compliance with HIPAA3 and GDPR. Find out more about how teamplay protects your data and your customers' data.

The teamplay cloud environment

Through a certified gateway, the teamplay Receiver, health data from connected medical devices can be aggregated. The teamplay cloud infrastructure is based on Microsoft Azure, allowing secured processing of data within or outside a hospital's network.

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Biosense Webster, Inc. is a global leader in the science of diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders. CARTONET, the world's first cloud-based networking and data analytics software solution for the field of electrophysiology, gives doctors and hospitals the ability to review, analyze and share case data, video and image files obtained during catheter ablation procedures. By utilizing the teamplay Cloud Platform, all data can be processed safely in the cloud enabling doctors to more powerfully harness catheter ablation data.