syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body

syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body allows the quantitative 3D evaluation of dynamic CT data of organs and tumors. By providing images of blood flow, blood volume and permeability from one set of dynamic CT images. syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body allows the assessment of perfusion disturbances and perfusion changes during therapy. It might be particularly helpful in the differential diagnosis and monitoring of tumors.

Caratteristiche e vantaggi

Clinical Applications

Organ and tumor perfusion to evaluate vascularity and response to treatment. Assessment of perfusion hemodynamics.

syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body offers:

  • Fast, simultaneous, 3-dimensional calculation of :
    - Blood Flow image
    - Blood Volume image
    - Permeability image for organs and tumors
    - Various optional parameter images.
  • Automated motion correction for improved accurate anatomical object alignment
  • Predefined evaluation settings for different organs
  • Specific evaluation protocols for liver perfusion
  • Organ-specific guided workflow
  • Optimized 3-dimensional color display of perfusion parameter images including image-type-dependent, multislice windowing
  • Composite images allowing a merged display of an anatomical image with a color parameter display in the target ROI
  • ROI measurement with calculation tools of mean value and standard deviation for detailed analysis of perfusion changes


  • Storage of all result images in the database
  • Direct copy to filming

Requisiti generali

  • SOMATOM Definition AS
  • SOMATOM Definition Flash
  • SOMATOM Force
  • SOMATOM Definition

(one of following)
syngo 2008B (VE30A)
syngo CT 2008G (VA20)

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.