Cardiac CT

Robust cardiac imaging is only possible with an adequately high temporal resolution, making it possible to image the heart without motion artifacts.
Synergizing the best scanner technology with fast and intelligent workflow applications leads to the complete solution needed to make fast and confident decisions. From automatic reconstruction of the data, automatic detection of the cardiac phase with the least motion to the isolation of the heart, all features are dedicated to make your daily work faster and easier.

Dual Source CT allows for cardiac imaging without motion artifacts

Cardiac CT without limits - experience the benefits of Dual Source CT. Moving beyond the simple adding of detector rows, the SOMATOM® Definition Flash, SOMATOM Drive and SOMATOM Force use two X-ray sources and two detectors at the same time. Get two steps ahead in Preventive Care with kidney-friendly scanning and low dose early detection. Get two steps ahead in Freezing Motion with "free-breathing" CT imaging and the industry's fastest, most versatile scan mode.

Myocardial perfusion evaluation with cardiac CT imaging
CT Cardiovascular Engine

Go Further with the CT Cardiovascular Engine.
Enhance your clinical capabilities when diagnosing hemodynamically relevant coronary stenoses – with myocardial perfusion evaluation right on your CT. The CT Cardiovascular Engine features preprocedural planning, with innovative tools that offer automated assistance for inserting aortic valve implants and AAA stents. With the 2015 Edition, you can speed up your process efficiency in diagnosing coronary stenoses with new applications.