Artificial Intelligence is transforming data into knowledge for better care.Experience our AI-powered systems and solutions that turn information into actionable insights.

AI Artificial Intelligence definition

In your transformation towards value-based healthcare, you need inventive ways to lower cost and increase outcomes. We’re convinced that Artificial Intelligence is key to realizing this value-based approach. AI can help to make medical equipment smarter, imaging and lab results faster, and examinations more precise.

Siemens Healthineers AI expert since the 1990s

Siemens Healthineers has been involved in the field of Machine Learning since the 1990s. This is reflected by more than 400 patents in the field of “Machine Learning”, 75 patent applications in “Deep Learning” and more than 30 AI-powered applications.

AI Artificial Intelligence data centers

The basic algorithmic system is by no means new. The theoretical principles go right back to the 1980s and 1990s but the computing capacities at that time were insufficient for the analysis of such large data volumes and so prevented it from becoming successful. Today, sufficient volumes of training data are available – also in the medical sector – and the computing capacities have increased considerably so that they now allow the implementation of deep neuronal networks.

AI Artificial Intelligence high quality data

High quality data is the fuel for continuously improving results. Therefore, over the last few years, Siemens Healthineers has invested in a dedicated advanced reading and annotation team, building a database which now contains more than 100 million curated images, reports, clinical and operational data which to feed into, and train, their algorithms.

It takes a powerful infrastructure to manage and process these big data sets. To advance AI and its algorithms a highly performant infrastructure is of essence and further, it’s impossible to develop and train the algorithms without powerful data centers. Our vast array of regional data centers delivers on that power. Our super computer in Edison, NJ, USA alone drives our algorithm workforce with 1.0 PetaFLOPS, which equal to operations per second of computing power.

A close cooperation with our collaboration partners is essential to our success in these endeavors – partners such as well-respected healthcare providers, who then work together with our team of hundreds of talented awarded AI and Data Scientists for an exceptional outcome.


AI-powered systems and solutions to empower your care delivery and management
Artificial Intelligence is built into many of Siemens Healthineers’ innovations. These AI-powered systems and solutions empower you to automate, standardize, and individualize your care delivery and management. Your outcome: intelligent data - for enhanced efficiency and productivity, higher quality of care, and a better patient experience.

With the purposeful use of AI, we can revolutionize our understanding and treatment of disease and change the very nature of wellness and health care. Delivering on the AI promise with an ever-expanding Siemens Healthineers portfolio, we’re making dozens of products and services with built-in AI a tangible reality.