Artis zee Cockpit

One workplace. Complete control.

Complex interventional procedures need more and more dedicated systems beside the Siemens Artis zee imaging system to support patient treatment. These systems need to be operated from the control room desk, every system with its own monitor, with its own mouse and keyboard. This can lead up to six or more different displays and keyboards on one desk. The new Artis zee Cockpit is able to display and control up to 6 compatible sources with one workplace featuring a 30'' display. 

It’s time to clear up your workplace. 

  • One monitor
  • One mouse
  • One keyboard


Key Features 

  • 30’’ Dual HD medical-grade monitor (4 megapixel)
  • Image drag & drop
  • Choose from 4 different screen layouts
  • Consolidate up to 6 video sources in one screen (Artis zee, AXIOM Sensis, syngo X Workplace, syngo Imaging, syngo Workflow, syngo Dynamics)
  • Full control by a double-click in the image
  • Work more comfortable with only one workplace
  • Save space in the control room

Experience the Artis zee Cockpit

It’s time to clear up your workplace.