CLEARstent LiveReal-time stent enhancement software

Ostial lesions or bifurcational stentings mark a transition towards increasingly complex coronary interventions. Those require precise stent positioning before balloon inflation.


CLEARstent Live takes stent enhancement to real-time. This allows catheter manipulation while getting a clear representation of the currently positioned stent in relation to previously deployed stents or cardiac anatomy.


Caratteristiche e vantaggi

CLEARStent Live

CLEARstent Live allows a real-time verification of the stent positioning while moving the device, eliminating cardiac movement.

  • Stent enhancement during acquisition with up to 15 fps
  • Verification of stent positioning before inflation relative to cardiac anatomy and previously deployed stents
  • Support of complex procedures like kissing stents, skirting technique, adjacent stents
  • Potential to speed up procedures and to save contrast agent
  • PACS compatibility for review of scenes using any DICOM viewer

Experience how CLEARstent Live supports your interventional procedures

Dettagli tecnici

CLEARstent Live is based on the same principle as CLEARstent, identifying the golden balloon markers and enhancing the stent by rotating and manipulating the images to position the markers on top of each other. Differently to CLEARstent though, this processing is ongoing and displays the live result in real time. The enhanced image is displayed on the Artis Assist monitor while the regular acquisition is shown on the Artis Live monitor.
CLEARstent Live can enhance any frame rate up to 15 f/s and similar to CLEARstent, CLEARstent Live runs on the Artis system and does not require an additional workstation. It offers full PACS compatibility by saving the resulting scenes as DICOM files, which can be exported and reviewed with any DICOM viewer.