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The future is flexible - Join the Artis zeego Club

The future is flexible - Join the Artis zeego Club

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Be the first to know why Artis zeego redefines flexibility with one-of-a-kind robotics to allow users extraordinary versatility. Unparalleled applications such as syngo DynaCT 360 add to the unique advantages customers receive and along with exclusive privileges offered by membership in the Artis zeego Club.

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About Artis zeego


There‘s never been anything quite like the Artis zeego. As part of the Artis zee family of interventional imaging systems, Artis zeego is the first multi-axis system that can be positioned the way you want.

zeego looks better from every angle

Artis zeego gives you great positioning flexibility and broader coverage, including large volume cross-sectional images up to 45 cm (17.7“) in diameter.

Its height can be adjusted for individual operator preferences, reducing the fatigue associated with long procedures. With its compact park positions, it is also ideally suited for hybrid rooms, giving clinical teams excellent patient access.

With the purchase of a system, you automatically join the Artis zeego Club, an exclusive membership offering several benefits. The future of interventional radiology is flexible – as Artis zeego effectively demonstrates.

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New features

New features with Artis zeego

One of the most valuable Artis zeego features is its ability to provide large-volume, cross-sectional syngo DynaCT 360 visualizations in a single 6-second sweep.

With syngo DynaCT 360, you can acquire large-organ, soft-tissue images in just 6 seconds – faster than with any previous syngo DynaCT application. For better image quality, fewer motion artifacts, greater patient comfort and less contrast agent.

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During abdominal and thorax applications, the large field of view (35 cm x 25 cm, 13.8” x 9.8”) lets you visualize the entire tumor anatomy and feeding vessels to support interventional oncology procedures such as chemoembolizations, RF ablations and chemoperfusions. During vascular treatments of the abdomen, it can help detect endoleaks and improve precise graft positioning.

Head of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

University of Frankfurt - Germany