Value Partnerships Portfolio Modules - Operations Management


Optimize your clinical workflows and operational performance with Value Partnerships.


Our Operations Value Driver includes three core solutions: 
  • Operations Management – Co-develop opportunities and implement excellence.
  • Operations Optimization – Optimize workflows and get the most out of your resources and processes.
  • Operations Support – Support your current and future operations with logistics, marketing, and advisory services.

What your peers have achieved

Together, we develop a deeper understanding of your clinical and operational performance and jointly pursue improvement opportunities.

Value Partnerships - University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa, USA

Expanding access to technology and workforce development opportunities

“This partnership is a win not only for our patients, who will have access to state-of-the art technology and more advanced care, but also the college and the students who will reap the benefits from new research and educational opportunities.”

Colin Derdeyn, Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology and Director, Iowa Institute of Biomedical Imaging at UI Health Care, Iowa, USA

Value Partnerships - AC Health, Healthway Cancer Care Center,  Metro Manila, Philippines

Improve patient care delivery across eight hospital sites

“We are delighted to partner to bring much-needed affordable quality cancer care services to more Filipinos. By combining local knowledge and high-quality care with operational and clinical expertise, we have a unique opportunity to redefine cancer care in the Philippines.”

Paolo F. Borromeo, AC Health President and CEO, AC Health, Healthway Cancer Care Center, Metro Manila, Philippines

Admiraal de Ruyter Ziekenhuis, NL

Long-term partnership to establish innovative, high-quality, and reliable laboratory services

“The Value Partnership gives security for the next ten years. This makes life a lot easier and gives energy to focus on healthcare, and that is what we really want.”

Gré Schroevers, Business Manager, ADRZ, Goes and Vlissingen, Netherlands

Insights and outcomes

Let's unlock new value - together

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