Enabling improved quality of care and higher operational efficiency at

Hamilton Health Science, Canada

Over the 15-year contract term, Siemens Healthineers will replace and service around 500 imaging and monitoring devices. The scope of this agreement includes computed tomography, advanced therapies, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, mammography, X-ray and molecular imaging devices as well as angiography solutions. Hamilton Health Sciences will thus benefit from innovations in diagnostic equipment and digital healthcare solutions.

This strategic partnership is meant to reduce the technological risk for Hamilton Health Sciences, reduce total operating costs, streamline operating processes and efficiency, facilitate digital connectivity and ensure that imaging devices continue to meet the industry’s stringent standards. Hospital employees will have access to training and further education resources to help further optimize patient care in the region.

Value Contribution

+60,000 annual mammograms

Can be performed across all additionally acquired caravans

Expansion of the screening program

To increase access to care in underserved regions of Portugal

Ensuring availability of equipment

With pro-active and streamlined maintenance



Secure financial sustainability

Expanding the screening program while minimizing financial risks of acquiring new equipment

Improve access to care

Bringing breast cancer screening to underserved regions of Portugal

Optimize clinical operations

Enabling high availability of equipment to ensure uninterrupted screening services 

  • Expansion of an existing cancer screening program to reach additional areas: From one caravan with three mammography devices to five caravans with eight devices in total
  • Acquisition of five additional state-of-the-art mammography devices to further ensure the quality and quantity of the screenings made possible by a pay-per-screening offering from Siemens Healthineers
  • Pro-active technology management regardless of the location of the caravan to ensure high uptime
  • Ongoing staff training and technical support to ensure functionality of the cancer prevention devices

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