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Reading should be cinematic – with Cinematic Rendering2.



Deutscher Zukunftspreis, German Future Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Klaus Engel, Dr. Robert Schneider and their clinical partner Prof. Franz Fellner! We are proud that our team was nominated for Germany’s most significant award in the technology and innovation field. Their outstanding work on the development of Cinematic Rendering was honored by the German Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
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Create photorealistic clinical images with the new Cinematic VRT1 and make your communication clear and convincing.

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Create jaw-dropping clinical images with one click
Make communication with referrers and patients clear and convincing. With
 the new Cinematic VRT2 in syngo.via, you can make your case look like something from an anatomy textbook. Use this photorealistic and easy to understand material for education, publication, and communication. Cinematic VRT is no longer limited to exclusive research circles. Now it’s time to showcase your case.  

Get a first impression and watch the latest generation of syngo.via cinematic VRT.

Cinematic Rendering for Surgery
Cinematic Rendering is being tested as a prototype in an evaluation study at the Department of Surgery at the Erlangen University Hospital. This is one of the first applications of the technology in a hospital environment. The technology is intended to help surgeons choose the best operating strategy by clearly presenting the relative position of tumor tissue and blood vessels prior to operating.
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