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Driving cardiac testing forward. Everywhere.

From the lab to the ED, get cardiac diagnostic tests with proven performance, when and where it matters most.

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Expertly designed, research proven cardiac test results in minutes

To improve clinical and operational outcomes, those tools must be expertly designed, research-proven diagnostic solutions, capable of meeting continuously evolving clinical performance demands.

Whether it is a comprehensive cardiac test menu with results in minutes in the laboratory, or an 8-minute venous or fingerstick high-sensitivity troponin I at the point of care, Siemens Healthineers offers increased access to manage your patients with increased speed, insight and confidence–no matter where you are.

Diagnosing AMI with fast and accurate lab tests

For chest pain patients, waiting even minutes in the emergency department can feel like an eternity.

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Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death globally.1

17.7 million people die every year from cardiovascular diseases, an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide.2

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At the hospital, a patient's blood sample is run against a panel of cardiac assays.

When presenting symptoms of a myocardial infarction, a patient's blood will be drawn and sent to the lab. 

At that point, laboratorians may run tests such as high-sensitivity troponin, BNP, and NT pro-BNP to look for cardiac markers. Samples may be placed in STAT racks for priority handling.

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Diagnosing acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in minutes

Clinicians need fast, accurate, and actionable test results to diagnose AMI. 

To have confidence in patient results for improved patient care, they may rely on a proven and precise true high-sensitivity troponin I assay that provides the ability to measure slight, yet critical, changes between serial troponin.

Learn more about the high-sensitivity troponin I assay

Designed to aid in diagnosing AMI through the quantitative measurement of cardiac troponin I in serum or plasma, the Atellica® IM and ADVIA Centaur® high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assays provide fast, accurate, and actionable test results.

Reliable results in minutes at the point of care

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20% of ED visits are preventable, of which half are cardiovascular disease.3

“We face an increasing phenomenon of crowding in emergency departments. Acute care of patients with preventable conditions is competing with real emergencies like stroke and myocardial infarction.”

Prof. Martin Möckel, medical director of Emergency Medical Services at Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany3

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Optimizing time and resources when every second counts for the patient

“With the Atellica VTLi system, we’re able to improve the patient pathway by combining rapid results with a process redesigned with the use of an ambulatory care area. We can use space more efficiently, and more importantly, we're going to get them out of hospital faster.”

Dr. Paul Collinson, St George's Hospital, London, UK

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Accurate high-sensitivity troponin results in 8 minutes

When a patient enters the emergency department presenting with the symptoms of a myocardial infarction (MI), every moment is critical.

Achieving favorable clinical and operational outcomes requires fast and accurate chest pain assessment at the point of care, as well as coordination with the laboratory for quality assurance.

A vital leap forward in cardiac testing

The Atellica® VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer, powered by Magnotech® Technology, will transform your chest pain assessment process to benefit patients, clinicians, and your operational workflow.

Optimized patient workflows

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There is tremendous pressure on labs as lab directors seek to manage costs and increase testing volumes, often with a reduction in staffing. They are increasingly looking to automation and digital solutions to help meet these challenges. Scalable, easy-to-use solutions to simplify tasks and maximize the effectiveness of your laboratory and its staff are critical.