CT Neuro EngineDriving progress to reduce door-to-needle time in stroke.

Get further. With the CT Neuro Engine.
Reduce door-to-needle times in stroke. The CT Neuro Engine offers a complete diagnostic stroke solution on syngo.via that helps you answer key diagnostic questions fast.

  • What top innovation will you get?
    With syngo.CT Dynamic Angio you can visualize the collateral status and measure the occlusion length.1
  • What else is new for you?
    Find out how Dual Energy CT can help you make faster and more precise diagnoses in neurovascular diseases.

The new CT Neuro Engine provides tools and workflows that help deliver a complete and accurate status of the vascular structures and the brain tissue for these patients – from scanning to diagnosis in less than 10 minutes. The CT Neuro Engine also helps identify fractures after an accident and for instance uncovers the potential risk of death when looking at the vascularity of the neck, by identifying potential stenoses.

With more than 15 million patients per year, stroke is the third most common disease in many regions of the world with a strong upward trend until 2050.

CT Neuro Engine<br />
CT Neuro Engine

For successful treatment of stroke patients, every second counts.

An instant and accurate diagnosis is essential for fast and effective treatment and thus has a huge impact on the prognosis of every single patient. Siemens CT Stroke Management provides information to answer the most crucial questions for the diagnosis of an acute stroke. Join us and discover new stars in CT Stroke Management, stars that are helping the physicians to improve the diagnostic outcome for both the patients’ brain and their quality of life.