Achieving operational excellence

Excellence through optimized operationsPerspectives on leading your healthcare institution through workforce and climate crises

Insights  Series - Issue 48

Article authors: André Steinbuss and Joanne Grau | Reading time: 4 minutes

Read this paper to learn how health systems can take actionable steps to do more with less.

Achieving operational excellence will help health systems meet the rising patient demand despite the challenge of dwindling workforce availability. The rapid development in digitalization, data, and artificial intelligence technology gives us reasons to be optimistic about the future of healthcare as these technologies are instrumental in advancing healthcare operations. This paper shares concrete solutions that exist today to help healthcare professionals do more with less, as well as provides insights into what the future holds in achieving operational excellence in healthcare.

Key takeaways from the paper

The three broad strategies for achieving operational excellence are:

  • Enabling care teams to focus on what matters most
  • Embracing and utilizing new models of work
  • Ensuring technological and operational sustainability

What percentage of healthcare workers in the U.S. plan to leave their positions within the next three years?

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