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Patients have unique, individual characteristics – biovariabilities. Different physiologies and anatomies – but also the way we interact with them and technology – cause unwarranted variations in imaging results. BioMatrix Technology helps to overcome these challenges by automatically adjusting to patient biovariability. By embracing human nature in this way, we can personalize examinations and help expand precision medicine.

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Explore how BioMatrix enhances image quality, improves patient experience, increases ease of use while raising financial certainty.

Embrace human nature

BioMatrix TechnologyIncrease ease of useRaise financial certaintyEnhance Image qualityImprove patient experience


    Siemens - MRI - BioMatrix Technology - BioMatrix Tuners

    Adapt to challenging anatomies for reliable exams

    BioMatrix Tuners automatically adapt to challenging anatomies such as the head /neck area, the spine and the abdomen, for reliable exams. Even in difficult scan regions, intelligent coil technology consistently delivers excellent homogeneity and fat saturation. This provides robust, reproducible, high-quality imaging – for every patient, every time.

    CoilShim technology is built into BioMatrix head and neck coils. It automatically improves fat saturation and DWI quality in the neck region to boost diagnostic quality and reduce the need for repeat scans.

    SliceAdjust provides distortion-free, whole-body DWI scans and reliable fat saturation for both DWI and TSE sequences. It avoids broken spine artifacts for excellent correlation with anatomical scans.

    Siemens - MRI - BioMatrix Technology - BioMatrix Sensors

    Anticipate motion for high-quality results

    Motion is a challenge in MRI. It can significantly decrease image quality, limit scan consistency, and lead to costly rescans. Fully integrated in the system architecture, BioMatrix Sensors capture respiratory and cardiac4 motion, which both boosts consistency and frees up the user to select the optimal exam strategy. This combination ensures high-quality results.

    Respiratory Sensors automatically detect breathing patterns as soon as the patient lies on the table. This simplifies workflow as operators can perform respiratory-triggered scans without further interaction.

    The Beat Sensor is integrated in the BioMatrix Body 12. It is designed for automatic cardiac triggering4 to accurately capture heart phases without the need for ECG leads.

    Siemens - MRI - BioMatrix Technology - BioMatrix Interfaces

    Accelerate patient preparation for increased efficiency

    BioMatrix Interfaces simplify how the user interacts with the scanner and the patient, accelerating patient preparation in order to increase quality and improve cost-effectiveness. No matter how tall, big, or mobile a patient is – or how experienced the technologist is – BioMatrix Interfaces speed up the workflow for increased efficiency.

    Select&GO lets operators use artificial intelligence to automatically position patients up to 30%3 faster and avoid repositioning delays. The user simply selects the region or organ to be scanned with one touch on the display and the patient is precisely positioned.

    The BioMatrix dockable table with eDrive support provides motorized assistance for transferring patients. Now even the heaviest patients can be effortlessly moved to and from the scanner.


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