Same throughput and TAT with fewer analyzers*—Do more with lessDownload a white paper today and learn how ​Atellica Solution helped Clinic de Barcelona

See how the Atellica Solution helped Clinic de Barcelona, a high-volume lab in Spain, perform the same workload of a varied combination of tests, including infectious disease assays, with 50% fewer analyzers.*

  • Two mid-volume analyzers were replaced with one high-volume Atellica® Solution analyzer, the Atellica® IM 1600 Analyzer*
  • Both the mid-volume chemistry analyzer and the dedicated integrated STAT analyzer were replaced by one Atellica® Solution analyzer, the Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer*
  • Independent of configuration, Atellica Solution consistently accommodated STAT prioritization without compromising turnaround time (TAT) at the analyzer and delivered expected TAT regardless of the assay mix*

Transforming care delivery with sophisticated, smart workflows with less human intervention and data-driven insight.
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