teamplay digital health platform

teamplay digital health platformThe enabler of your digital transformation

teamplay digital health platform

In 2020, over 2,314 exabytes of medical data will be newly generated1. Without innovative, digitalized solutions, this data will become disparate and thus cannot be leveraged effectively. With ageing societies, healthcare costs are bound to explode, especially costs associated with chronic diseases. And while healthcare providers focus more on treatment efficacy and cost reductions, patients are adopting consumer behavior and regularly compare healthcare services in terms of price and quality. The consequence: a paradigm shift in healthcare.

teamplay digital health platform is the platform that enables your digital transformation with the goal to turn data into cost savings and better care. It provides you with easy access to solutions for operational, clinical and shared decision support – combining flexibility and scalability with future readiness.

  • Benefit from our experience in integrating digital solutions into clinical routines enabling both scalability and flexibility - all this in a secured and regulatory-compliant environment
  • Foster cross-departmental and cross-institutional interoperability to enable operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness by connecting to ONE vendor-, system-, device-neutral platform
  • Ensure future-readiness with access to transformative and AI-powered applications for data-driven decision support – from Siemens Healthineers and curated partners

Become part of the teamplay digital health platform and leverage our broad experience:

  • More than 6,500 institutions
  • More than 23,000 connected systems
  • More than 60 countries
  • More than 10 Mio. patient records accessible cross-institutionally


5 ways to benefit from the teamplay digital health platform

COVID-19 response

The applications enabled by the teamplay digital health platform can help you to connect and collaborate with peers beyond physical boundaries and by this, also leverage staff that is working in other locations, from home or even globally. Both, our own-developed and 3rd party applications, run on the teamplay digital health platform and are easy-to-install, with low efforts while providing embeddedness with your current workflows. Our goal is to help you preserve critical time and support staff in fighting COVID-19.

teamplay digital health platform applications that might be helpful in the current situation:

Accessible, Flexible, Scalable, Connected

The teamplay digital health platform is the enabler of your digital transformation – facilitating easy access to solutions for operational, clinical and shared decision support:

Improvement of operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness is a main challenge for healthcare providers. Our vendor-, system-, device-neutral platform fosters cross-departmental and cross-institutional interoperability in a secured and regulatory-compliant environment. You will benefit from our broad experience in connecting devices and systems, in aggregating data from various sources, and in providing advanced analytics to gain actionable insights. These assets will empower you to turn big data into smart data which can be optimally leveraged to increase your clinical routine’s effectiveness in terms of patient outcomes and cost.

We offer you access to a broad portfolio of transformative and AI-powered applications– from Siemens Healthineers and curated partners. Based on your infrastructural demand and preferences we offer a suitable business model and deployment scenario combining flexibility and scalability with future readiness.

Teamplay Digital Health Platform Accessibility


Easy access to a broad selection of decision support software and innovations in AI

Teamplay Digital Health Platform Flexibility


Tackle the increasing speed in digital transformation and save time while entering new markets

Teamplay Digital Health Platform Scalable


Solutions for different levels of digital maturity that grow with your needs

Teamplay Digital Health Platform Connected icon


Platform-enabled interoperability offers seamless access to digital health solutions

Reasons to connect to the teamplay digital health platform

The teamplay digital health platform connects data, people, institutions, systems and applications with its secure data sharing and connectivity service (ISO 27001 certified, supporting HIPAA-compliance, EuroPriSe awarded). Our platform is vendor-, device- and system-neutral to enable standardization and support seamless interoperability across departments and institutions. For example, it will enable the cross-institutional exchange of electronic health records and thus supports collaboration between care teams and connects them to patients to facilitate successful cooperation.

The platform will be your central host of a broad range of transformative and AI-powered applications – both built in-house and developed by curated partners. You can access these applications via the Digital Marketplace that scales with your needs. Additionally, the Digital Marketplace provides state of the art SaaS (software-as-a-service) business models as well as scalable computing power.

Your data where you need it to be

Digital solutions require an innovative and flexible service deployment. We offer you this flexibility by combining two different deployment modes, i.e. cloud and on-premises deployment, to enable integrated solutions. Our teamplay digital health platform balances elastic cloud-based services (e.g., for on demand computation, data sharing and up-to-date services) with on-premises computing (e.g., for short data roundtrips, data minimization and system integration) by leveraging the benefits of both technologies: Edge computing serves your specific use cases.

Our platform contains dedicated infrastructure components that enable access and connectivity to different interoperability standards (technical and semantical), such as DICOM (imaging), HL7 (clinical data types, CDA, FHIR), IHE (technical profiles), ICD-10 (classification of diseases) and SNOMED (clinical terminologies). By linking data from various data sources and standards we provide you with actionable insights that help you tackle highly sophisticated challenges in healthcare. With our end-to-end data sharing capabilities, we also allow secure data transfer from a hospital environment to an outside network service in a privacy by design and default approach.