Explore untapped workflow potential to leverage Dual Source CT technology.

Dual Source CT and CT productivity

Explore untapped potential with Dual Source CT

Of course, it’s not only about the images themselves — it’s also about how to get there. To best support the potential of Dual Source technology, we push the boundaries of workflow automation and CT productivity. Discover how quickly and easily the superior results of Dual Source CT can be realized — by all users. 

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Explore untapped potential in CT productivity now

Up to 95% of patients aren’t positioned correctly in the CT isocenter resulting in higher dose and image noise.1 Experience the benefits of automated, AI-powered patient positioning with FAST Integrated Workflow: potentially fewer rescans, less overdosing, and standardized image quality.

Patient preparation involving drugs can be time-consuming and even harmful for patients. Benefit from faster workflows with Turbo Flash scanning. Reduce the need for sedation for pediatric examinations and the need for betablockers for cardiac examinations – and get standardized image quality thanks to motion artifact reduction.

Manual image reconstruction and advanced visualizations are time-consuming and a potential source of mistakes. Therefore, radiologists have to deal with a tremendous amount of variation every day. Make sure to have all relevant information available in an efficient and consistent way with zero-click PACS-ready results.

Reading a case means identifying and interpreting the relevant information in a fast and standardized way. Leverage automated reconstruction and advanced visualization to speed up your reading time. 

DSCT productivity video

How can you provide fast and clear answers when the trauma, oncology, cardiology,
or stroke team depends on you? For example, when it comes to distinguishing hemorrhage from contrast-media leakage after an intervention.

We have compiled an exclusive video to show how you can increase your CT productivity, no matter which clinical field: 4 tips that help you speed up reading time and safeguard consistency.

From improved tumor visualization with direct-to-PACS automated Dual Energy image ranges up to fully automated dynamic information for stroke patients – watch the video of our 4 tips to learn about the potential of Dual Source CT and automated PACS-ready results.