Intraoperative 3D control during scoliosis correction procedure

Scoliosis Correction in the Hybrid ORCorrecting deformities with robotic image guidance

ARTIS pheno is a robotic imaging system that enables you to perform scoliosis correction surgery with confidence thanks to the large field of view and its high-quality imaging.

Deliver outcomes that matter in scoliosis correction surgery
Scoliosis is a curved three-dimensional deformity that requires surgical reconstruction of the spine’s entire anatomical profile. To normalize anatomical alignment, it is necessary to insert screws into the affected vertebrae and connect them with rods. ARTIS pheno not only offers fluoroscopic guidance to support scoliosis correction procedures: the system also provides excellent intraoperative 3D imaging that covers long stretches of the spine. You can see ten vertebrae or more in a single image, and the 3D data can be combined with additional optical navigation systems for enhanced visualization of the anatomy. Following screw placement, you can perform immediate 3D quality control with the patient still on the table to correct any misplaced spinal implants right away.

Discover our scoliosis correction workflow

ARTIS pheno provides support throughout scoliosis correction surgery thanks to high-quality intraoperative imaging, allowing you to focus on implant placement.


    Images courtesy of Sahlgrenska University, Gothenburg, Sweden; and Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

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