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Optimize your medical technology management with Value Partnerships.


Our Technology Value Driver includes three core solutions: 
  • Technology Roadmap Development – Assess the current state and desired future state of medical technology.
  • Technology Provision – Deliver the right technology at the right time.
  • Technology Management – Maximize uptime and performance.

What your peers have achieved

Together, we ensure that you get the most value out of your technology investments by driving commercial and operational efficiency. 

Prisma Health Facility

Advancing healthcare with innovative technologies and workforce development programs

“Working together brings breakthrough opportunities to enhance clinical care through the latest medical technology, streamlining our processes, and bringing new advances in disease prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.”

Mark O’Halla, President and Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Health, South Carolina, USA

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT),  Greater Manchester Area, United Kingdom

Improve patient care delivery across eight hospital sites

“This 15-year Value Partnership enables us to provide the very best in care delivery for the people of Greater Manchester, while at the same time helping us to attract and retain leading talent, and develop staff to unlock their full potential.”

Catherine Walsh, Divisional Director of Imaging for MFT, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), Greater Manchester Area, United Kingdom

Bernhoven Hospital, Uden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Long-term partnership to establish innovative, high-quality, and reliable laboratory services

"Entering into a long-term Value Partnership with a medtech partner like Siemens Healthineers gives us the innovative power to further optimize our laboratory analysis process."

Geert van den Enden, Managing Director Bernhoven, Uden, Netherlands

Value Partnerships Technology Roadmap Development

Every healthcare institution has its own unique strategic goals and challenges. We use a flexible framework that leverages the strengths and fills the gaps in your existing technology planning. These are the key stages in forming the foundation of an effective Value Partnership for Technology.

Insights and outcomes

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