Lung Health Checks

Mobile lung cancer screening service in the community

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK. Around 47,800 people are diagnosed in the UK each year1

Treating late-stage lung cancer is extremely challenging. However, lung cancer treatment can be significantly more effective if the disease is detected earlier in stage I or II, before the onset of symptoms when the disease is still localised. The authors of NELSON Study point out that "Lung-cancer mortality was significantly lower among those who underwent volume CT screening"2. This emphasizes the benefit to establish screening programmes for earlier detection. Precise lung cancer staging of lymph node involvement and distant metastases determines the prognosis and is the foundation of adequate therapy selection. 

Dr Richard Booton, Clinical Director of Thoracic Oncology and Director of the Manchester Lung Health Check programme at Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust, is a specialist and thought leader on lung cancer in the UK. He talks about the challenges and opportunities for practitioners, policy makers and every UK citizen.

Targeting those most at risk of lung cancer, the Lung Health Check programme contributes to the ambition of the NHS long term plan to improve early diagnosis and survival for those diagnosed with cancer. Over four years, the programme will work with ten projects covering fourteen CCGs to deliver lung health checks to approximately 600,000 eligible participants3.

Dr Richard Booton, Wythenshawe Hospital

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The Lung Health Check CT scanner mobile unit has been designed around the patient in order to create a welcoming and friendly environment in a clinical setting. The workflow ensures that the patient is at the centre of the examination, enabling the radiographer to stay in the room with the patient during the scan.

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Siemens Healthineers and Cobalt Health medical charity have partnered to provide a mobile lung cancer screening service.

  • A dedicated resource for patients who qualify for lung health screening
  • Engage with patients in community-based locations

  • Provision of high quality lung health check support units, ultra-low dose CT mobile and staff


Manchester Lung Health Check delivered in partnership by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning.

  • Serves North and East Manchester, one of the most at risk regions for lung cancer in the country
  • Pilot programme in 2016 quadrupled lung cancer early diagnosis rates
  • The official programme was launched in April 2019 and in its first year carried out almost 9,000 lung health checks, 4,500 low dose CT scans and detected lung cancer in 88 patients
Lung Health Checks - CT Scanner

Newcastle and Gateshead

Newcastle and Gateshead Lung Health Check delivered in partnership with Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group.

  • Each year in the North East, smoking causes over 5,500 early deaths. When it comes to lung health, spotting problems early can make a big difference7
The Hull Lung Health Check launches at Lidl Brighton Street.


Hull Lung Health Check delivered in partnership with Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance.

  • Hull is one of the areas where the number of patients with lung cancer is much more than other places4 
Luton lung health check launch

Luton and Thurrock 

Luton and Thurrock Lung Health Check delivered in partnership with NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group and East of England Cancer Alliance.

  • Thurrock has one of the highest rates of death from lung cancer in the UK and some of the highest rates of smoking with over 10% of the local population labelled as smokers5
Brompton lung cancer screening launch

Royal Brompton 

West London Lung Health Check

  • Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Hospitals make up the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK 6