Deep Resolve

Deep Resolve

Deep-learning based medical image reconstruction – Faster than ever before

Deep Resolve1 is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks that accelerate MR scans, making them faster than ever before. Faster scans boost workflow efficiency while improving the patient experience.

Targeted denoising and deep learning methods power Deep Resolve Gain and Deep Resolve Sharp technologies for sharper images acquired in faster scans. Deep Resolve Sharp generates a high-resolution image from low-resolution input. By including raw data in the reconstruction process, clinically robust results are achieved that, in combination with Deep Resolve Gain targeted denoising, outperform classical denoising and interpolation.



MRI is established as one of the key modalities in diagnostic imaging. The absence of ionizing radiation and the unmatched soft tissue contrast distinguish MRI from other imaging modalities. While these features have helped to establish MRI as the method of choice for the diagnosis of many pathologies, the main limitation of MRI is the acquisition time.

Find out more about Deep Resolve as we bring deep learning and AI to the MR image reconstruction process. Deep Resolve is our advanced reconstruction technology, which in its first step brings intelligent denoising and deep-learning based image reconstruction directly to the core of the imaging chain.