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teamplay Protocols

Speed up your protocol management by facilitating remote access

  • How do you deliver standardized care throughout your imaging fleet?
  • How do you identify best-practice examples among the multitude of different scan protocols installed in your imaging fleet?

teamplay Protocols1

The non-interruptive protocols editing is only available for select Siemens Healthineers CT scanners.

  • allows easy protocol management and remote editing
  • streamlines protocol rollouts and thus facilitates standardization.

With upwards of 70 CT protocols, Great Lakes Medical Imaging manages them across 5 different imaging sites, some as far as 60 miles away from one another.
teamplay Protocols

Identify best-practice scan protocols for imaging devices and use them for the optimization of your radiology workflow with teamplay Protocols. Keep track of recent protocol changes and improvements – simply explore the version history of your protocols and add annotations for later reference. View all deviations from all your CT scan protocols at a glance – even across scanners or institutions. Save time and resources in your fleet network by distributing protocols remotely to compatible scanners. Learn from your peers by checking their cases on the MAGNETOM World website and pushing their protocols to your MR devices.

What does teamplay Protocols do for you?

  • Visualization and comparison: Gain insights into the scan protocol parameters of the entire CT and PET/CT fleet with the CT Protocol Explorer
  • Analysis: Check the history of the scan protocol at the CT and PET/CT scanner. See what changes were made in the "change history" view
  • Operation: Edit and distribute CT, PET/CT, and MR protocols or protocol files to remote scanners (through Expert-I)
  • Control: Conduct precise monitoring of radiation dose in a process of dose optimization with the help of the analysis view

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