Cybersecurity ServicesContinued protection against cyber threats

Security Appliance Solution

Virus Protection

Virus Protection scans your equipment for malware and alerts you of detected infections. The patterns to identify viruses are regularly updated through SRS.

Cybersecurity Management Services

Cybersecurity Management Services allow you to actively manage cyber risks for:

  • Patient safety – receive continuous cybersecurity updates through various channels to protect patients and their data
  • Transparency – gain insights into the cybersecurity status of your equipment to control and minimize your cyber risks
  • Compliance – fulfill regulatory guidelines with state-of-the-art cybersecurity mechanisms to reduce liability risks

Learn more about Cybersecurity Management Services by downloading our digital flyer.

Upgrade Programs

For you to be able to keep your equipment on the latest software version, we’re offering a wide range of different upgrade programs for the different systems from Siemens Healthineers.

Depending on the modality, the optional Upgrade Programs are: One-time system upgrades, the Evolve Program, EVOLVE.Express, IT Care Plan or the Advance Plans.